About Us

Revive.ca was an idea brought to light by a small team of enthusiasts at Jugo Juice's corporate headquarters.   Our vision is to give people a resource for reliable information, and a place to connect with each other on healthy active living.   We hope Revive and its Experts help inspire and motivate you to make healthier choices.  

But it isn't just about the Experts.  

It's about you.  

It's about your goal: how you eat, how you think, how you move. Each of us is on our own health and fitness journey.  

Revive is also a place we hope you're comfortable sharing your own story, so others can see that anything is achievable when you have the right information, a little support, and a dose of focus.  You are not alone.  

Let's continue the journey together - the path toward a lifetime of healthy, active and happy living.  Let's get going!