Chia, Hemp and Flax written by Andrea Holwegner

Many people ask what's the difference between chia, hemp and flax seeds and which one is better for you. In this video I discuss what the differences are of each seed and what benefits each one has.


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Andrea Holwegner, over 4 years

For a print friendly PDF of the nutrition differences of chia, hemp and flax visit my blog post here: http://www.healthstandnutrition.com/comparing-chia-hemp-and-flax-seeds-which-one-is-better/
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Andrea Holwegner, almost 5 years

Thanks for sharing this Sandi! I have a good handout the lists further details about the nutrition posted on my blog here that you can check out: http://www.healthstandnutrition.com/comparing-chia-hemp-and-flax-seeds-which-one-is-better/ Enjoy!
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Sandi Richard, almost 5 years

Great Description! I have shared this with my folks on Facebook! :) Sandi
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Nutrition expert Andrea Holwegner is the energetic founder and president of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc.  Since 2000, she has counseled hundreds of people, including Olympic athletes, CEOs and families on the benefits of healthy eating.  Andrea spearheads a team of highly trained and experienced dietitians within her practice.  

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