Jackets written by Simon Donato


With Spring in the air, it's time to think about getting outdoors and ending our winter hibernation. In this video I talk about the types of jackets and tops that you can wear to help you get back on your feet while exercising outside. 

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About this Expert

Simon Donato is an adventurer and extreme athlete.  By day, he runs an oatmeal company called Stoked Oats and hosts an adventure TV show called Boundless.  That leaves him lots of spare time so he competed eight endurance races, on both land and water, around the world in 18 weeks last year.  Combining his love of exploration and adventure, he also runs a company that leads scientists and search parties into remote locations. Simon is a firm believer that we all control our destinies, and major changes always start with small, manageable ones. We can design and achieve the lives we want to live.

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