Summer Convection Oven written by Sandi Richard

One of the best ways to use your BBQ in the summer is to turn it into a convection oven, you don't only have to grill in it. This video outlines what you need to do to your BBQ to get it to that convection point.


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Sandi Richard, over 4 years

YAY!!! how did I miss this! have you tried it out yet? Once you do and get the hang of your BBQ, you will use it aaaall summer long! also if you're in the market for a BBQ...I always recommend getting one with the side burner. it truly turns your BBQ into an outdoor kitchen. I can use my oven as well as sauté or boil...it's awesome!! :)
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shanvan, over 4 years

Great video! I had no idea you could use a BBQ this way. No more turning my house into an oven when it's plus 30 and I'm trying to make dinner!
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