The Start Line written by Kyle Shewfelt

Welcome to Revive.ca! I am psyched to be on this adventure with you!

Now, I’m not too sure what brought you here, but I’ve got a feeling that you desire something more. You’re serious about investing in yourself and you want to create some new habits that will lead you to more health, happiness and vitality. You’re here because you want to arm yourself with tools that you can use when you need a boost. You never know when you’ll need to combat those motivation-sucking demons (more on those little jerks in another post…). You might also be here because you are lacking a bit of direction and you want to get things on track. Whatever your reason, I say congratulations. You’re here and that’s a great first step!

My hope with being a part of this project is to help you along in your journey. If I can provide you with one new piece of awesome that you can add as fuel to your fire, then my mission here is accomplished. By sharing my thoughts, experiences and passion for health and wellness, I hope to help you get more out of your life and your pursuits.

So here we are together, standing on the start line and staring out towards the future. What does that look like? Do you have a focal point? Is there a certain goal that’s getting you excited? What do you hope to get out of visiting my blog and Revive.ca? 

If you don’t quite know your goal yet, there’s no need to worry. Contrary to what most TV commercials will have you believe, you don’t have to have it ALL figured out! You do, however, have to decide on the general direction your momentum will be heading in. It’s essential for this process to work  Can you imagine if the gun went off and Usain Bolt starting running towards the stands, then darted towards the in-field and then finally settled on running towards the 100m finish line. He wouldn’t be winning any Olympic titles with that path of randomness! A focal point is essential.

Determining that focal point can often be the hardest part of the journey. I’ve had two unique experiences when searching for purpose and goals in my life - let me share.

Firstly, I had one experience where I didn’t even have to try. It just happened. When I was a little boy, I had this innate desire to be an Olympic Champion in gymnastics. Although I can’t fully explain where the resonation of this goal came from, I can tell you that a large part of the goal itself was formed from my environment. I admired Olympians on TV, especially gymnasts. I connected with what excellence felt like inside and I enjoyed the feeling I got when I knew I held myself accountable to it. I had a natural ability and tendency towards gymnastics (I’m 5’5”, 135lbs and have the air sense of a cat). I also truly believed and knew, at the age of nine, that I was capable of winning a Gold medal. There was always this convincing whisper inside of me that believed the regret of not trying would be greater than the disappointment I may feel if I gave my everything and came up short. That whisper is what drove me and I feel blessed that I never had to ponder to come up with this dream. It found me and it simply felt right. Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to experience a scenario like this for yourself. 

Or maybe purpose and meaning don’t come quite as naturally for you. I know that in my life now, four years after retiring from gymnastics, I go about goal setting quite a bit differently. I have to work at it and sometimes I have to try a few different things on before I find the one that fits.

To me, having a goal “fit” means that it resonates. It has to mean something to me. It also has to be a bit overwhelming – if I know it can be easily accomplished then I am prone to being less committed. I need it to be scary enough that discipline is essential in order to even make an attempt. It has to be something where the process is fun (well, mostly fun…there will always be days that are hard). I also have to get a bit of an emotional reaction when I think of crossing the metaphorical finish line. My heart must glow when I think about the pride I’ll feel at the end.

I’ve found that the requirements above have helped steer me in the right direction when it comes to setting new goals. Unfortunately, no one else can tell you your requirements. You must decide on them for yourself.

I encourage you to take a moment now to evaluate your goal setting criteria. What do you require when setting a goal to ensure it’s meaningful enough to commit to in your life?

The truth is, you don’t need to know exactly what the finish line looks like right now – we’ll get there. But as we stand here at the start line, it’s imperative that you decide on the direction you’re running in. To get the most out of my blogs and the Revive.ca site, you absolutely need to make a commitment to something and it has to “fit”. 

I also encourage you to be a part of the conversation. Leave a comment on my posts and let’s support each other. I would love for this space to be a community in which we focus on the positives and work through our challenges together.

I’m really looking forward to this adventure. We’re going to have a blast! Now take a deep breathe, get in to the blocks and take your marks…


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shanvan, almost 5 years

I feel good about my swimming, but I am a little nervous because I've heard from others that the nerves get to them and make it difficult to maintain good breathing on race day. Also, I was a bit choked last week when my training schedule said I had to go to the pool on one of the first really nice weather days of the year! As luck would have it, the next day was cool and windy and I was on the bike. Good luck with your race.
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Kyle Shewfelt, almost 5 years

That's awesome! Congratulations ShanVan :) Sometimes it's about taking on a challenge that simply helps us grow and expand in new ways. Please keep me updated with how it goes! Kyle PS - I'm taking on the Wasa Lake Tri in June. It's my first one too. How are you liking to swimming??
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shanvan, almost 5 years

"What do you require when setting a goal to ensure it’s meaningful enough to commit to in your life? " >> I decided to set the goal of completing a triathlon this summer not because I had always dreamed to doing a triathlon, but because it's about the last think that I ever thought I would try. For me, the challenge is not so much physical (although there is that!) as mental and spiritual - putting myself out there in a place I never saw myself going.
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About this Expert

Kyle Shewfelt is a Canadian gymnast who was competing on an international stage when he was only 16.  His Gold Medal in the men's floor exercise competition at the 2004 Games in Athens was the first medal ever won by a Canadian in an artistic gymnastics event, and was the first Canadian gold of the 2004 Olympics.  He even has a gymnastic vault named after him.

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