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about 2 years ago.

Diva Duathlon Sept 22!

Calling all ladies!
Ever wanted to do a triathlon but don't want to swim?  Here is your chance!

The Second Annual Leaping Dog Racing  “Diva Duathlon” will be held Sunday, September 22, 2013
Location: Turner Valley, Alberta
Race distances: 3 km Run – 12 km Bike – 2 km run

Women and Girls Only – Ages 14 years and up!

Race start time & Pre-Race Meeting (Mandatory)  8:40AM, 9:00AM start!

There won't be any cut-off times. Everyone is allowed to finish at whatever speed they can. Walk,...

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over 4 years ago.


Top Ten Reasons to Get Involved in the Sport of Triathlon

10.  It’s a fun way to improve your fitness

9.  It’s a healthy addiction

8.  Diversity in training and cross training benefits - 3 sports are better than 1

7.  Group oriented swim, bike and run sessions are healthy social outlets

6.  There are many races which cater to beginners

5.  Sign up for a target race with a charity to raise $ for a cause and increase your self purpose

4.  Inspire yourself and...

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almost 5 years ago.

The Havok of Time

More than two weeks away from the gym  - our leisure centre was one of many housing people displaced by the flood, and then life just got out of the habit for a while - and my spinal integrity feels... well, lacking integrity. Last night was the first night back to the weights and machines and already that crick in my neck is feeling better. Just goes to show how very much consistency plays a powerful role in physical wellness. Good to be back.

I will say that when I went to... Read Post
almost 5 years ago.

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