What's Revive all about?  

Revive.ca is a place where people can find reliable information regarding healthy active living.  It's also a place where people can connect with each other and some well-known Experts.   We hope our Experts and other community members help inspire and motivate you to make healthier choices. 
Want to learn more About Us?

How do I find just the Expert posts I care about? 

Our homepage (click the logo, or Healthy Active Living link) contains posts written or recorded by our panel of experts in various topics. There are some buttons on the right side of the page that allow you to filter the articles to zero in on the topics, experts, or date range you care about.

Why should I become a registered user? 

Anybody can read the information on Revive, but we ask that people register to contribute. For example, most of our registrants will first join Revive because they want to leave thoughts on what other registered users or experts have contributed.  But they'll stay because they get to find and follow others that share similar interests, to inspire and be inspired. 

How do you use my personal information?  

Our Privacy Policy lists the details but rest assured we will never abuse your personal information.

Why didn't I get an email after signing up? 

You should first make sure you're checking the right email address, in case you have a few.  Be sure to check the junk and spam folders too.  If you still don't see our confirmation request, head to the Profile page on Revive.ca  (when accessed from the same computer you registered with) which should offer you a link to have the system re-send the confirmation email.  If all else fails, please contact us for assistance. 

How do I change my personal profile information, including uploading in image of myself?

Anywhere you see your own username (the name you chose to display in the community), you can click it to see your profile page.  Right beside the title of anything you can edit on the page (your bio, interests, photo), you will see a small square with a pencil in it.  Simply click that pencil to edit to your heart's content.

What does "Following" somebody mean?

Anytime you are on somebody's profile page, there's a button in top right saying "Follow (whoever)."  If you click to follow them, we'll give you a shortcut to their profile on many pages in the community so you have easy access to see their activity.   Don't be shy - following people on Revive.ca doesn't make you a stalker!

What happens to the photos I submit on the site? 

Some people will upload photos for their profiles, or to the photo galleries, which may include pictures of awesome events, glorious food, and more.  Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details on posting photos. 

How do I create my own discussion?

In the Community section, there will be a sub section called Discussion Forum organized into a few different categories, like Fitness & Sport, Food & Nutrition, and Happiness & Wellness, and General Topics.  You'll be able to see the standard topics in each, and you can click on the one that seems to make the most sense.  Then you'll see all the discussions happening in each topic.  You can use the search or filtering tool at the top of the page, or if you are sure you don't see what you want, you can click the blue New Topic button near the top left side of the page to start your own.

How do I know if somebody has sent me a message or followed me on Revive?  

Revive.ca doesn't currently support direct messaging, but somebody might follow you, comment on your profile, or have something to say about one of your own comments.   When any of these events happen, the website will automatically send you an email to let you know!

What's the point of a journal?  

Like a blog on other websites, journals are a way for anybody to share their wisdom, experience, or their own personal journey toward better health.  Journal entries are left for the community to see, so others can be equally inspired or motivated by them.

How do I upload pictures to a gallery?

Just hop on over to any of the galleries in the Community section.  When you click into a specific gallery and see the large pictures that you can flip through, you'll also see a blue button at the top, called "Post an Image to This Gallery."  Simply click that link, then choose the file from whatever folder it's in on your computer, and voila!

How do I get notified of new events?

If you agreed to receive emails from us when you registered, you may get occasional emails when we have a few new events to talk about.  But because we won't send them every time a new one is added (to protect your inbox), we suggest you check back at Revive.ca from time to time!

Why can't I create my own events? 

Just for the first little while, we're going to post the main events we're aware of ourselves.  However, if you're attending or hosting an event that you don't see on our site, please let us know and we'll consider including it on the site.

What are points and badges?

Points and badges are a simple way to see how active somebody is in Revive, and some of the topics that may interest them.  People collect Member Points by doing things in the community, like posting comments, starting a discussion, uploading a photo, etc.  

Member Points lead to badges.  Everybody starts with a Getting Started badge (because just signing up gets you some points!), but more points means different badges, and our active members will soon get new badges, like In Training, Health Nut, then Champion badge. The Champion Badge means you are an active contributor to Revive.

But there are also Topic Points, like for Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness (the three main themes in Revive).  If people tend to participate in Fitness-focused activities, they'll earn badges like Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  If they tend to participate in Nutrition-focused activities, they'll climb from Kitchen Cook, to Sous-Chef, to Culinary Master.  And for those who participate most in Happiness-focused activities, they'll be an Apprentice, then Transforming, then Enlightened.

There are also special badges to identify our Expert panel, SuperChamps, and Community Moderators

Why would I want to get badges? 

Everybody knows that the more you put into something, the more you get out of it.  Healthy living is like that.  And so is Revive.ca.  

The way we see it, the more you're interacting on Revive with Experts, SuperChamps, and other members, the more likely you're getting closer to your own health and fitness goals.  Maybe you're asking the Experts a question, following a Champion who inspires you, or adding feedback to the member forums.  

Our badges are a quick way for you and other members to see your status and areas of interest according to your contribution on Revive.  This allows you to more easily see which people you may want to communicate with or even follow.

Besides, it's no secret that Revive was started by Jugo Juice, so there may even be some treats like awesome smoothies provided along your path to new badges!

How do I get a lot of points?
Please don't worry about trying to gain points!  We don't want to turn this community into a competition for points - this isn't about winning or losing to others in the community.  The point system is just to help you identify the general contribution and interests of other members.  For this reason, we aren't publishing a schedule of things you can do online with their point values.  Our preference is for points to be in the background, not a goal itself!

Who are the SuperChamps?

Revive SuperChamps are people that truly care about healthier living, so much so that they have invested time, energy, and maybe even a career into helping others.    You may see them with guest posts in Revive's Healthy Active Living, or they may simply maintain their own journals so others can follow along.  You can always find them in the SuperChamp section and even search for some with similar interests in your own area.  

Can I talk to your Experts?   On several pages throughout the community (like in the Experts' section), you'll see an Ask The Expert feature on the right side of the page (look for the Orange bar), which allows you to submit questions. Because Expert contributors can't answer all questions submitted, we collect them, look for the patterns and send them to the most appropriate Expert for a response.   

You also have the ability to leave a comment under anything that one of our Experts has written.  They will do their best to respond to these comments but won't have time to answer everything.  Because the entire community can see comments like this, you may just get an answer from another knowledgeable member!

What if somebody's being a real jerk on Revive? 

Tell us immediately by clicking the Report Abuse link near the post or image.  We have a strict policy against abuse and all members who have been deemed to have violated our Terms and Conditions will be banned indefinitely from Revive.ca.