Be a SuperChamp

Do you help others live a healthier life?  Maybe you're a fitness trainer or yoga instructor.  Maybe you're a running fanatic and invest time planning an annual marathon.  

Either way, and in many ways in-between, you may be somebody we'd like to call a SuperChamp!

What's in it for our SuperChamps?
  • Offers and/or coupons that can be redeemed for Smoothies at any Jugo Juice across Canada.
  • A bio on Revive.ca where you may post your personal or business websites, blog and/or other social media websites.
  • An opportunity to write for Revive and grow your own following.
  • An amazing SuperChamp badge.
  • Advance notice and access to all of our local events.
  • Special access to guest speakers.
  • Influence on Revive's website, from topics our experts write about, to the discussions we create.
In the future, we just may also put together a swag bag, and you can bet that SuperChamps will get some cool stuff.  

What do you need to be a SuperChamp?  

This program isn't for everybody.  We want to make sure our SuperChamps are incredible representatives within their own communities, and demonstrate a commitment to healthy living beyond the average person.

Our SuperChamps normally (but not always) require:
  • A strong contribution to Revive - they often will have a Champion badge before becoming a SuperChamp.
  • A filled out profile on Revive.
  • A brief application form (below) to be filled out.  We review everyone individually, and we may request a brief phone or online interview with the Revive team for further details.
Lastly, and because SuperChamps ultimately represent Revive in some way, we ask that our SuperChamps sign a Code of Conduct.  (We just want to avoid SuperChamps streaking across a football field with a Revive logo tattooed on their backsides.)  

If you're interested in applying, please tell us a bit more about you by using the form below. The more details you give us, the better - trust us, we love to read!

What do you need to be a SuperChamp

(If you don't want to write for Revive, you can leave this blank)