Fitness is NOT the End Result but a Tool to Something Better written by j-fukumoto

Every month I have the privilege of welcoming swarms of new people into our 'home' where we train hard but more importantly, we train smart.  We ask each and every new person who is looking to make changes, WHY are you here?

The majority of the answers initially fall under one of the following phrases:

1.  "I want to be healthy."

2.  "I want to be fit".

3.  "I want to lose weight" or "I want to be more TONED" (especially popular answer among the ladies).

Although these responses have merit to them, our staff like to ask some questions back like:

1.  "What does healthy mean?" or "Why do you want to be healthy?"

2.  "What does fit look like to you?" and "Why do you want to be fit?"

3.  "What does losing weight do for you?"

All I'm trying to say is that unless you make specific reasons to grab onto, in my experience, you are very unlikely to have success in your pursuit of "fill in the blank".  

Furthermore, when we dig a bit deeper into the WHY, we strike gold in terms of the true reasons and meaning for our pursuit of something better.

"I want to be healthy so that I can take care of my aging parents".
"I want to be fit because I am getting tired walking up the stairs at home and I don't feel good about myself."
"I want to lose weight (fat) to reduce my risk of diabetes and also so I can look better."

Fitness is not the end goal.  It is simply a tool that can be used to help you reach your goals, dreams, and aspirations.  It is a means to help you enjoy your life more and to help others do the same.

It has to be MORE THAN BURNING CALORIES and 6-PACK abs...in my opinion, if you are to have a chance at being content in the day-to-day and to live a meaningful life.

I challenge you to find out your REASON for being active.  There may very well be many...hold onto those tightly especially when things get a little rough along the way.

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dennisparker, almost 4 years

Based on the content that it has I was so impress with it I really love it .It has a very valuable details and also very informative.
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Simon Donato, over 4 years

Well said! A healthy perspective is so important when chasing fitness goals.
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jendev, almost 5 years

Great post!
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After playing competitive hockey in Toronto, studying Kinesiology at Laurier in Waterloo, taking students to Western Canada and South Africa for adventure and education, and marrying the girl of my dreams in Winnipeg, Johnny now devotes his life to the fitness family that is Fukumoto Fitness, a group metabolic coaching program run out of a warehouse 'anti-gym' in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Johnny holds various coaching certifications such as CSEP-CPT, FMS2, and AKC and loves studying with his staff to get better at what they do best...helping people reach their full potential and do things they never thought possible in a safe yet progressive manner!

You can find his community having fun together continually raising money for charity, having potlucks, and dressing up in costumes at community events.

To help satisfy his competitive edge, Johnny enters 'mud races' and other obstacle race events with names like Dirty Donkey, Mud Hero, Ice Donkey, and Tough Mudder!